The Quarry is truly Until Dawns spiritual successor in a new 30-minute gameplay trailer

The Quarry has a new 30-minute gameplay trailer packed with cinematic cutscenes, quick time events (QTEs), and classic Supermassive scares.

The trailer appears to be the first 30 minutes of the game, exploring the characters introduced in The Quarry’s first teaser trailer and the dire situation they’re desperate to escape. In it, a young pair of camp counselors named Max and Laura (played by Skyler Gisondo and Siobhan Williams) gets lost driving in a dimly lit forest road and swerves off the road to avoid hitting something in their path. Soon after, they get stopped by a “creep ass cop” (played by Ted Raimi) who insists they divert from their planned route to a summer camp and instead head to Harbinger Motel. 

Instead of doing as the cop advised, they head to Hackett’s Quarry Summer Camp, whose location they were able to sneakily identify from the cop’s map. But when they show up, the place seems abandoned – that is, until they explore further and realize the camp’s inhabitants aren’t at all what they were expecting. The trailer ends with Max getting mauled by another ambiguous creature and Laura being sedated by the cop from earlier. The cop then shoots at something offscreen (hopefully not Max) and shouts, “Does this look like Harbinger Motel?!”

With another standout cast of talent, The Quarry looks like the spiritual successor to Until Dawn we’ve wanted since 2015, with smart, quippy dialogue, detailed character models and animation, and lengthy cutscenes that make you forget you’re playing a game until they hit you with a QTE. 

The Quarry is set to launch on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC on June 10.

In the meantime, here are the best horror games you can play right now. We’ve also got Games like Until Dawn if you want to focus on on that SuperMassive vibe. 

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