New The Quarry trailer shows off the Until Dawn successors cast

Supermassive Games has given us another peep at The Quarry with a launch trailer at Summer Game Fest, showing off the game’s cast of characters further. 

The trailer starts with a mysterious character in a jail cell monologuing about family, ranting about how you wouldn’t be able to help all of them if they all fell down a well. Naturally, a character asks the stranger what he’s on about before the launch trailer starts good and proper. 

We get a general set-up of the game, with a group of teens talking about a series of murders and kidnappings occurring in a camp in upstate New York. You’ve got plenty of familiar voices here, with Scream’s David Arquette and Spider-Man’s Ted Raimi playing a starring role in the trailer. 

If you’ve been out of the loop, The Quarry is an interactive drama horror from the creators of Until Dawn. We’ve played it ourselves, with Leon calling it a “fun but poorly paced horror adventure” in his Quarry review. 

The game is set to release tomorrow (June 10), though it’s worth knowing that online multiplayer has been delayed by up to four weeks. 

“We’ve made the difficult decision to delay the online multiplayer mode to deliver the best possible experience for you,” director Will Byles said on Twitter at the time. “It’s not a long wait though – online multiplayer will be added via an update by July 8. We appreciate your understanding and hope you’re as excited as we are for launch in just 15 days!”

Check out our E3 2022 schedule to see everything else coming your way. 

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