The Saints Row Boss Factory customisation tool has a Dark Souls dab emote

As revealed during the Summer Games Fest showcase at E3 2022, the Saints Row reboot now has a free and standalone ‘Boss Factory’ customization tool that lets players craft their own characters ahead of the game’s August 23 launch. 

Among its library of feature tweaks, clothing items and aesthetic adjustables is an emote library – within which you’ll find my own favourite: Dab the Sun, a Dark Souls-flavoured stance that nods to the 2011 action-RPG’s defacto mascot, Solaire of Astora. 

As we already know, Saints Row is raising the bar on character customization with prosthetic limbs, elf ears, and killbot eyeballs. And while the full release of Volition and Deep Silver’s series reboot is still several weeks away, Boss Factory offers a pretty comprehensive look at what to expect from its vast character creation suite. There, you might turn your skin green, shape the size of your gums and teeth (the “Oops, All Molars!” preset is pretty terrifying), or perfect a catalogue of asymmetrical face design options.  

As detailed during its reveal, Boss Factory is out now, completely free-of-charge, and is available across PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC from each platform’s respective digital storefronts. Besides progression-locked items, Boss Factory contains all character customization options from Saints Row’s full release, and creations can be shared with and voted on by other players. 

Come August 23, player profiles crafted in Boss Factory will be easily transferable to Saints Row. Here’s more on that from Deep Silver: “Any characters you create and save in Boss Factory will be automatically available to play in your copy of Saints Row on the same platform. In addition, there are lots of ways to use Boss Factory and the web gallery to find and curate Bosses you love from any Boss Factory user, on any platform, and use them in your copy of Saints Row.”

Keep your browser pointed at our E3 2022 schedule for everything else on the way this week. 

As for my dabbing Knight Solaire, et voila:

Praise be the dab, indeed. 

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