The Simpsons Steamed Hams scene is now a playable point-and-click adventure

The Simpsons’ Steamed Hams scene has enjoyed rare staying power as a meme despite re-surfacing more than two decades after it originally aired, and now you can play it too.

Steamed Hams: The Graphic Adventure is a fan creation by NeoDement, built with Adventure Game Studio to closely resemble classic LucasArts adventure games such as Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island. Just instead of thinking of the right comebacks to prevail in an insult sword fighting duel, you have to think of the right implausible excuse for Skinner to use in response to superintendent Chalmers’ questioning. You can play the whole thing right in your browser over at Game Jolt (opens in new tab).

Every line is voiced with audio from the original episode itself, with some additions from The Simpsons: Hit and Run and another episode brought in where new lines were needed for the sake of gameplay. And no, we don’t mean the version of Hit and Run that some industrious bootlegger redubbed into Russian entirely by themself.

It’s a very focused project – you can’t sneak out of Skinner’s window to explore Springfield at your leisure and trying to go off script in conversations will simply result in Skinner hemming and hawing – but what it does do, it does extremely well. Oh, and if the character sprites look familiar, that’s because they were lifted straight from The Simpsons Arcade Game and then modified for their new purpose as point-and-click protagonists.

In case you’re wondering, yes, the episode that includes Steamed Hams – 22 Short Films About Springfield – did make our list of the best Simpsons episodes. 

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