The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 2 will “fill in the blanks” of what happened next with Jadis

The Walking Dead: World Beyond is bringing back one of the franchise’s most tantalising loose threads: that of Jadis, the duplicitous leader of the Scavengers who whisked Rick away from the main series during the show’s ninth season.

In-universe, six years have passed – and there’s a lot of catching up to do. World Beyond showrunner Matthew Negrete tells SFX Magazine that the second season of the spinoff will fill in some gaps for long-time fans.

“We knew where she ended up on The Walking Dead: in a helicopter with Rick [Andrew Lincoln], and they seemed to be headed towards the Civic Republic,” Negrete teases. 

“It was really fun to think about what happened to her in those six years, and we do fill in those blanks. She will talk a little bit about her history on this show. It’s fun to be able to do that, and to bridge these different shows with the character.”

It remains to be seen how Jadis will shake up the show as it hurtles towards its endgame – but it could feed into the show’s heightened take on moral ambiguity: “One of the things that, for me, is a takeaway of season two is the idea that the world isn’t black and white, or good and bad. It’s shades of grey,” Negrete says.

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