These Xbox headset deals come with record low prices right now

Best Buy and Amazon are running some stunning Xbox headset deals right now – way ahead of the imminent Black Friday Xbox headset deals that we’ll see in a few weeks.

Cutting to it, you can currently get the Razer Kaira Pro for its lowest ever price at Amazon, with its price dropping to just $99.99 (from $150) (opens in new tab), and you can get the highly sought after official Xbox Wireless Headset from Best Buy for nearly its lowest ever price, for just $88.99 (down from $100) (opens in new tab).

If you’ve been wanting to upgrade your audio, and are keen to avoid the sales madness, then these are the Xbox headset deals you’ve been looking for. Not only are these are two of the best Xbox Series X headsets, but they are two of the top Xbox Series X wireless headsets, and best Xbox One headsets – such is a testament to their compatibility and connectivity.

Today’s best Xbox gaming headset deals

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Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset | $100 $88.99 at Best Buy (opens in new tab)
Save $11 – This is not a saving to be sniffed at given the demand this headset has been in, and the value, quality, and performance it offers. It’s been hard enough tracking down actual stock of this headset, so to get it readily and with a discount of more than 10% is a real Xbox headset deal.

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Razer Kaira Pro | Black | $150 $99.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $50 – If you’re after a more premium set for your Xbox console then this Razer one is for you. Perennial makers of some of the best headsets going, the Kaira Pro is borne of that pedigree and offers excellent audio, a solid mic, and great performance.

With quality drivers, seamless wireless connection, great microphones, and quality in design, build, game audio, and more, either of these are probably all the Xbox headset you need, so getting them on offer is the perfect route.

The official Microsoft one has been in such high demand that we’ve only recently seen stock levels evening out. It’s aggressively priced for the performance it offers and punches well above its weight. Plus, who doesn’t like ‘official’ goodies?

The value offered by the Razer Kaira Pro is really worth taking note of though: this reduction moves the headset from its more premium end of the scale, and brings it right into a whole new price and headset-quality category – it’s basically like getting a high-end headset, for a mid-level price!

More of today’s best Xbox gaming headset deals

If the models on offer above don’t suit, you’ll find plenty more Xbox gaming headset deals below. These are some of the best cups on the market right now, which means you’re getting excellent value with any money off. 

Remember, there’s a whole season of deals coming and the wider Black Friday gaming headset deals are likely to be some of the best. For something more particular, and from the other side of the console chasm, then definitely check out and prepare for the Black Friday PS5 headset deals, too. We’re also rounding up everything we expect to see in this year’s Black Friday Xbox Series X deals (opens in new tab) as well. 

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