Guilty Gear Strive Baiken design leaked by bakery

Guilty Gear Strive DLC character Baiken has had their design leaked… by a bakery in California.

Over the past weekend, members of the Guilty Gear Strive subreddit picked up on the fact that Honey & Butter, a bakery based in Irvine, California, had posted unrevealed art for upcoming DLC character Baiken on their website, which you can see captured in the screenshot just below. 

If you head over to the official Honey & Butter website (opens in new tab) right now, the artwork for Baiken is gone, as the bakery has apparently realized its error. This was actually done for a collaboration event between the bakery and Guilty Gear Strive, where the first 80 customers to purchase a macaron would receive a special game-themed lanyard.

The event is still taking place, but now the accompanying website page isn’t emblazoned with unannounced artwork of Baiken. If you do happen to be in the Irvine area this Saturday, January 29, then you can head over to the Honey & Butter bakery to try and bag yourself a lanyard. Be warned though: apparently customers for collaboration events start queueing before the store even opens at 10:00 PT.

Right now, this is the first proper look we have of Baiken in Guilty Gear Strive. developer Arc System Works has yet to reveal the character in full, merely announcing that the long-standing fighter would be joining Strive’s extensive roster at some point in the near future. Could our first look at Baiken come before the bakery collaboration event takes place this coming weekend?

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