New Thor: Love and Thunder merch might have spoiled one of the movie’s big set-pieces

By Odin’s beard, a new Thor: Love and Thunder Lego set has been spotted in the wild – and it might have spoiled a potential major moment from the upcoming Marvel Phase 4 sequel.

As picked up by The Brick Wolf on Instagram, “Attack on New Asgard” shows Thor and Jane Foster (as The Mighty Thor, complete with Mjolnir) defending the new Asgardian settlement on Earth. Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher and a mysterious creature stand in their way.

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While we still have to take this with a pinch of salt, big talking points here revolve around Gorr’s god-killing exploits seemingly taking him to Earth; Jane and Thor are also set to team up. No word, official or otherwise, on what that dragon-like creature is – but it likely doesn’t spell good news for New Asgard.

The slow rollout of merchandise suggests that more official, live-action looks – potentially a trailer or teaser – could be on the way shortly. A Lego set also previously spilled the beans (or should that be bricks?) on the first look-of-sorts of Gorr and his ominous black sword.

If that has whet your appetite, director Taika Waititi’s words on the Thor-quel has us thinking that lightning will almost definitely strike twice after his success with Thor: Ragnarok.

Waititi told Australia’s Weekend Today show in May 2021 that Thor: Love and Thunder “might be the best Marvel film ever.”

Thor: Love and Thunder, which is also set to include members from Guardians of the Galaxy, is set for release on July 8. Here are all the new superhero movies releasing alongside it in 2022.

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