Marvel fans think Thor Love and Thunder opens up a major MCU plot hole

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Thor: Love and Thunder! Turn back now if you haven’t seen the movie! 

Marvel fans think they’ve spotted a huge MCU plot hole opened up by Thor: Love and Thunder (H/T The Independent (opens in new tab)). In the movie, Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher plans on slaughtering Marvel’s deities – and to do that, he intends to visit Eternity, a kind of cosmic wishing well that grants whoever reaches it one wish. 

Obviously, that’s an incredible power in the MCU… and it raises some questions, especially considering Eternity is reached via the Bifrost, which Thor’s ax Stormbreaker can summon. “So glad Thor knew about Eternity this whole time and never once thought of it to wish for a reversal of the Snap or to undo all of the horrible things Thanos did,” points out one person (opens in new tab). “He even had Stormbreaker, the literal KEY to this power the whole time!!!” 

“Ummm anyone else notice the plot hole in #ThorLoveAndThunder – if the Eternity can grant an “ultimate wish” why did Thor not use Bifrost/Stormbreaker in Endgame to wish to reverse all of Thanos’ actions? No time-heist collateral damages?” questions someone else (opens in new tab)

“Why did Thanos not go to Eternity and just wish for half the universe to disappear?Seems like it would have saved him a lot of time and trouble? Rather than collecting colorful stones” this person wonders (opens in new tab)

But not everyone (opens in new tab) is convinced this is a plot hole: “How? Clearly you need the Necrosword to know that the Bifrost leads to Eternity. No Necrosword, no knowledge. Thanos and Thor didn’t know. Where’s the plot-hole?” So, while Thor did know what Eternity was, it’s possible that he didn’t know how to reach it. 

“It was clear they didn’t know what the key was till they saw the notes in Gorr’s hideout so even if they made it to Eternity they didn’t know how to get in so not really a plot hole,” says another fan (opens in new tab). Jane Foster, AKA the Mighty Thor, discovered the Bifrost is key to opening Eternity after finding Gorr’s research. 

It’s probably not a major plot hole, then, but it does raise some questions. It remains to be seen if Eternity still has a part to play in the MCU but, judging by the Love and Thunder post-credits scenes, we can assume we’ll be seeing more from Thor, most likely in a potential Thor 5 that would include that surprise post-credits cameo and the return of Jane and Heimdall in Valhalla. 

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