Thor: Love and Thunder is seriously splitting opinions – with some saying Dark World was better

The traditional Marvel opening weekend debate is in full flow. MCU fans are taking to social media to discuss how Thor: Love and Thunder fits into their Thor series rankings – and whether it’s better than the much-maligned Dark World.

One user ranked the Thor movies, best to worst, as: Thor: Ragnarok, Love and Thunder, Thor, The Dark World. The general response? (opens in new tab) “The most accurate and obvious rank. This is the only rank I would accept. Nothing more.”

Of course, this being the internet, there were plenty of different interpretations floating around. “Thor Love and Thunder is on par with the Dark World and the Incredible Hulk on being one of the worst MCU movies,” one wrote (opens in new tab).

Some went even further – declaring (opens in new tab) that The Dark World “is a better movie than Thor: Love and Thunder.” Another agrees, saying (opens in new tab), “Love and Thunder on further thought is worse than The Dark World.”

“Hot take: Thor Love and Thunder is a fun time but it was only slightly better than The Dark World. It out camped Guardians of the Galaxy somehow,” another said on Twitter (opens in new tab). “Still a fun time but don’t go expecting something as good as Ragnarok.”

One viewer had their own shake-up of the Thor rankings after watching Love and Thunder. They said (opens in new tab): “Thor Love and Thunder was fun but a complete mess. Not quite in the top Marvel films, actually only Thor The Dark World was worse when it comes to Thor movies. Yes, I liked the first Thor movie more and Ragnarok was miles better.”

And, finally, there are those in the ‘Thor: Love and Thunder was the best Thor movie camp.’ “A fun, fast paced, entertaining ride,” one called Taika Waititi’s latest (opens in new tab). “My personal favorite Thor movie and one of the best Phase 4 movies.” Another wrote (opens in new tab), simply, “Thor: Love and Thunder is the best MCU movie.”

Within our own Marvel movie rankings, Thor: Love and Thunder comes ahead of Thor and The Dark World, but behind Raganrok. Do you agree?

If you’ve seen Thor: Love and Thunder – and are all recovered from that opinion overload – then be sure to check out our spoiler-filled breakdowns of the Thor: Love and Thunder ending, Thor: Love and Thunder post-credits scenes, and a look at who dies in Thor: Love and Thunder.

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