Three more classic PS Plus Premium games may have appeared on the PSN database

New PlayStation classic games have started appearing in the PlayStation Network’s hidden database, ahead of the PlayStation Plus relaunch in June.

As first spotted by Reddit (opens in new tab) users earlier today, three retro PlayStation games have popped up on the PSN database; brawler Tekken 2, racing sim Ridge Racer 2, and finally action game Mr. Driller, the former and latter of which both originally launched on the PlayStation.

As for Ridge Racer 2, the action-packed racing sim was originally developed for the PlayStation Portable, launching worldwide in 2006. That’s actually the most recent of the three listed retro games, as Tekken 2 launched all the way back in 1995 on the PlayStation, and Mr. Driller released for the same system four years later in 1999.

It’s speculated that all three games could’ve made their way onto the PSN’s database as part of the revamped PS Plus subscription service going live in April. If you didn’t already know, the top tier of the subscription service, called PS Plus Premium, plans to offer hundreds of backwards compatible classic PlayStation titles for subscribers, just like the three listed here.

These three aren’t even the first retro games to be listed on the PSN database ahead of the relaunch. Earlier this month, it was noted that four Syphon Filter games had also been added to the hidden database. Just like this time around, many speculated that these four titles would be included in the restyled service when it finally arrives later this year in June for western audiences.

Right now though, all we know is that a grand total of 340 PlayStation, PS2, PS3, and PSP games will be available through PS Plus when the relaunch arrives. Considering these seven listed games are well below that tally, here’s hoping PlayStation plans to provide us with a full list of backwards compatible titles before the PS Plus Premium release date is finally here in the U.S. on June 13, and the U.K. and Europe on June 22.

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