Tiny Tinas Wonderlands slam attack

If you’re wondering how to slam attack in Tiny Tina’s then I know exactly where you are in Wonderlands – trying to slam attack Llance’s mushroom. The ability to jump and slam into the ground as a melee attack first appeared in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, but now Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, it’s almost always completely forgotten about until you have to use it for an objective. Chances are you’ll have checked the control scheme thoroughly, jumped all over the place waving your sword, and generally gone mad trying to work it all out. So, here’s how to slam attack in Tiny Tina. 

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How to slam attack in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands 

Tiny Tina slam attack

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In order to slam attack in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands you just need to jump and then hit crouch. Which is obviously a little confusing as it doesn’t use the melee button at all, but basically crouching in the air should trigger a slam attack. Just doing it generally from the ground requires a little timing to get right – a quick tap from jump to crouch in one go usually does the job, but you can experiment until you get a feel for it. You’ll certainly know when you’ve got it right.

However, for the objective to slam attack Llance’s Mushroom you’ll actually have to jump from a series of mushroom springboards, because why not. You’ll see a lower mushroom that matches the one Llance has teleported to. Jump from that to the slightly higher one and you’ll gain a lot of air that will send you soaring above Llance’s position. All you need to to then to slam attack him is crouch as you fall towards him. 

And that’s the Wonderlands slam attack done. You’ll probably use it every where for the next five minuets and then completely forget about it for the rest of the game. 

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