Treyarch releases statement committing to a “safe, diverse, inclusive” working environment

Treyarch has released a statement to pledge that it will provide a “safe, diverse, and inclusive working environment”.

This comes in the wake of co-studio head Dan Bunting leaving the company and you can see the full statement from Treyarch in the tweet below.

As we look ahead to 2022, we felt that it was important to share a few thoughts… 21, 2021

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The statement was released to Twitter on December 21, and according to several tweets from employees at the studio, was driven by workers there. Senior game designer Joanna Leung (opens in new tab) said in a tweet: “I’m [honoured] to have helped in contributing to this and thankful for the lady who drove this initiative. Without her and all the other women who helped contributed, this statement would not have been possible. This was truly a team effort.”

Production co-ordinator Avani Jain also tweeted (opens in new tab): “Having a voice and feeling like I can contribute to actual change is one of the reasons I work at Treyarch. This statement is long overdue but it’s a start. I’m disappointed with everything that’s happened, but I believe we can pave the path for a better future.” 

Senior community manager Josh Torres added to this by saying (opens in new tab): “Proud of the people who put this together and looking forward to the change that is coming. There’s a long road ahead for the industry and sometimes it feels like the news cycles will never stop. We progress by holding people accountable, empowering our peers, and diversifying.”

This is the first official response from Treyarch since Dan Bunting left the company, but parent company Activision has also had its own issues this year, brought about in part due to the fallout from the Activision Blizzard lawsuit.  

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