Two Point Campus is a surprising alternative to Hogwarts Legacy

Why won’t the students and teachers at my Two Point Campus Knight School recognize its alluring aesthetics? Is it the haphazard way I’ve plastered posters across its stone walls, or the avant-garde nature of my exterior floral arrangements? Whatever it is, those who wander the halls and grounds of my Knight School aren’t best pleased with how it’s all looking – but at least the grades are good. 

As the sequel to Two Point Hospital, Two Point Campus is expanding the Two Point world in so many different ways. The most meaningful of them is getting to know the students on a more personal level. You’ll not only be looking at how your campus runs from a topline perspective, but also catering to your students’ individual needs, from their lust for a specific decorative item, to something they need for their course, or organizing social events like a Student Union party or celebrity cook-off. Fulfilling those more macro-level challenges boosts their happiness, and in turn, their ability – or willingness – to learn. 

Of course, it’s also about making sure they have places to eat, clean themselves, and sleep too, and even have a space to air their concerns with the pastoral care assistants. But it’s figuring out why little Sally is about to flunk out or Peter’s stopped paying his tuition fees that add another managerial layer to Two Point Campus. 

Witches in the Knight

Two Point Campus' new Knight School and Wizardry campuses

(Image credit: Two Point Studios)

Ensuring you provide that level of care is the thread that holds the entire Two Point Campus experience together, while each of the levels – or campuses – will introduce a new class type. This particular preview is all about exploring the wilder side of Two Point Campus’ new classes – Knight School and Wizardry. While my fellow Two Point aficionado, Rachel, explored the Gastronomy school alongside the introductory levels, I was let loose on two new campuses. The olde-worlde castle-esque Noblestead is where I’ll be building areas for jousting tournaments and sword fight training grounds, while the imposing Spiffinmoore is the heavily Hogwarts-inspired setting for potions and spellcasting lessons. 

Both campuses are visually impressive, with each new building you create taking on the external theme of the campus. Inside, of course, you can have fun creating the unique classrooms, with the various Wizardry classes creating awesome rooms with different elements to enjoy. You’ll start with a Potions room, complete with a giant magic cauldron where your students can try their hand at making all sorts of concoctions. Although, you’ll then quickly need to complement that with a medical room, for, umm, obvious reasons. Oh, and did I mention there’s a literal curse on the campus? Yeah, good luck with that. 

The Knight School meanwhile, really makes use of your campus grounds, with the rooms required starting with a Battle Ground where your wannabe knights can learn how to wield a sword. Later, you’ll also unlock the jousting area which really dials in on Two Point Studios’ trademark humor, as the jousting in question is really students running at each other with sticks and horse costumes draped around their waists. 

Two Point Campus' new Knight School and Wizardry campuses

(Image credit: Two Point Studios)

It’s great that the courses keep evolving too. You can use an in-game currency called Course Points to upgrade each one, unlocking new rooms and no doubt additional drama with each passing school year. The wizarding school, for example, adds a Spells room where students can step into a dramatic dueling ring for some wand-based antics. You can also use a separate in-game currency to add fresh items to your decorating and building arsenal. Kudosh is earned by completing a variety of different challenges, and you can then spend that on items that help better theme your campus to your classes. As expected, it’s utterly moreish. 

Before long, my Two Point Campus version of Hogwarts was littered with broom stands and wall-mounted flaming torches. The entertainment options moved away from dances and bake-offs, to fiddling with crystal balls and hosting (Dark) Arts classes. The longer you play, the further you can lean into the theme of each campus, especially with the addition of personalized goals for your students (also themed to the classes) and the range of social events. Thankfully all those little extra touches finally fixed my aesthetics rating problem.

While it’s not a direct competitor to Hogwarts Legacy, Two Point Campus’ take on the school of witchcraft and wizardry is a surprising alternative. Being a voyeur over your budding wand-wielders, having an impact on their lives, and creating their academic world is never dissatisfying. Story might be light here, but trying to run a school amid meteor showers and other curse-related events is always chaotic and gives off its own Harry Potter-esque flair. 

Goth clowns

Two Point Campus' new Knight School and Wizardry campuses

(Image credit: Two Point Studios)

But you can also make it your own, as it’s also great to blend classes. Your Wizardry campus doesn’t just have to be wands and potions, as once you’ve got the Course Points you can start adding other courses into your curriculum. What does a Wizarding / Clown Campus look like? Sounds like a great experiment to me, especially when you think about goth clowns… or is that just a mime?

It’s also the observable antics that really makes Two Point Campus pop. Not only are there some medical-related blunders that tip a heavy cap to Two Point Hospital but appropriately themed to each campus – like the pumpkin head for the Wizardry school – but there are also brilliantly silly behaviors from the teachers too. Watch them in the lecture theatre and there’s plenty of fun to be had depending on the subject they’re teaching. 

Two Point Campus' new Knight School and Wizardry campuses

(Image credit: Two Point Studios)

I particularly love the new ‘invader’ mechanics. In both the Knight School and Wizardry campus, rival knights and warlocks will come onto your campus to cause chaos by destroying school property, messing with students, and being general menaces. Employing janitors with the security skill will ensure that someone on campus is hunting down these trespassers to deliver them the justice they deserve – a water pistol blast to the face. That’ll teach them! 

With more campuses and classes still being revealed – including the recently announced spy school – the allure of Two Point Campus for anyone who loved the first game, or anything in this genre, is only going to grow. Everything I’ve seen so far is like Two Point Hospital+, with more ways to engage with the little humans and more ways to grow your Two Point empire. 

Two Point Campus is launching on August 9 on PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. Until then though, why not check out our best sim games

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