Two Point Campus release date set for May

The Two Point Campus release date is set for May, and there’s even more good news for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

Sega and Two Point Studios announced the Two Point Campus release date of May 17, when the college management game is set to arrive on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S. They also revealed that Two Point Campus will be available from day one with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, immediately joining its predecessor Two Point Hospital on Microsoft’s game subscription services.

Two Point Campus puts players in the vaunted halls of their very own educational institution, leaving them in charge of building out its facilities and setting it up for academic success. GamesRadar’s Rachel Weber got the chance to interview Two Point Studios co-founder Mark Webley for a new Two Point Campus preview, and he explained that there’s much more to successfully managing a college than just setting up the classrooms right. If people aren’t still reminiscing about the parties they threw for years and years after, did they really even go to your college?

“Here we’re kind of worrying about educating them – of course, because that’s the Campus bit – but that social side, their happiness, is just as important,” Webley explained. “Anyone that went to college or university doesn’t just say ‘I had some really great lecturers’, they talk about the parties and the relationships they had. And we wanted to get into that more than we had done in Two Point Hospital.”

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