Two Point Campus channels its Hogwarts Legacy with a Wizardry course

Two Point Campus is channeling its Hogwarts Legacy with a course all about Wizardry.

The wonderful Wizardry course will be included in Two Point Campus when it launches later this year on August 9. You can check out the reveal trailer for the Wizardry course in Sega’s latest management sim just below, where students compete in magical battles, brew intricate potions, and get up to all sorts of chaos.

The aim of the game here is for students to hone their skills in a Spellroom, so they perform better when facing down an opponent in a magical battle. The better their skills have become in the classroom, the better they’ll do in a battle, and they’ll need to be up for a fight, as there are apparently enemy wizards and other nefarious goings on.

Wizardry might seem a little bit out of left field for the Two Point series, what with students growing pumpkins for heads and other goings on, but it’s brilliantly suited for the wonderfully weird sim series. Check out our full Two Point Campus preview from earlier this year to find out how Sega’s follow-up to 2018’s excellent Two Point Hospital is coming along.

Originally meant to launch next month in May, Two Point Campus was hit with a three month delay earlier this year, pushing it back to an August 9 release date. The new game expands upon Two Point Hospital to give you many fields of expertize to expand into for your hundreds of students, as you train them up to become chefs, firefighters, football players, and everything else in between. 

Find out more about what sort of courses you can delve into in our Two Point Campus hands-on from earlier this month.

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