Prince of Persia PS3 games surfacing on PS5 store furthers backwards compatibility speculation

Two Prince of Persia PS3 games have been spotted on the PS5’s PSN Store, fuelling backwards compatibility rumors once again.

Over the past weekend, a Reddit (opens in new tab) post showed several instances of PS5 users inadvertently stumbling across listings for PS3 games on their PS5 Store, including two Prince of Persia games: The Two Thrones, and The Forgotten Sands. While previous PS3-era appearances have been the result of a visual bug linked to to PS Now, neither of these titles are currently available via the service.

It’s not clear why the two titles are appearing, or even how long they’ve been there for. In fact, it’s not even clear if the PS5 Store will let the users in question purchase the two Prince of Persia games, but they are listed with a native price for the respective regions of said users. 

This is the latest in a very long of line of rumors surrounding the revamped PS Now/PS Plus subscription from Sony. Last month, it was reported that Sony was preparing a service to rival Xbox Game Pass, one that would let players stream games from PlayStation’s heyday – including PS3 games.

These two Prince of Persia games aren’t even the only PS3 games to have recently surfaced on the PS5’s PSN Store. Over the past weekend, others users noted that several Dead or Alive games for the PS3 had just appeared on the PS5’s storefront, also with prices native to regions.

Whatever’s going on at Sony, these PS3 games suddenly resurfacing almost in tandem with reports of a revamped subscription service is a pretty massive coincidence. Could we really about to see the likes of Metal Gear Solid, Ico, Psychonauts, and other great PlayStation classics reappearing on the new-gen console?

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