Uncharted sequels seem increasingly likely after Sony celebrates “hit movie franchise”

It’s official: Sony has a new “hit movie franchise” to treasure with Uncharted.

In a memo seen by Deadline (opens in new tab), Sony Pictures group chairman and CEO Tom Rothman spoke of the movie’s “global triumph.”

“With over $100M in box office worldwide in just one weekend, and a 90% positive audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, Uncharted is a new hit movie franchise for the company,” Rothman wrote, hinting at a long-term cinematic future for the Tom Holland-starring video game adaptation. 

Rothman ended the memo by thanking “all of the filmmakers, the wonderful cast and crew, and especially our friends at PlayStation Studios and Sony Interactive Entertainment for their support.”

No official word yet on an Uncharted sequel or whether director Ruben Fleischer would be attached, but its box office is now shy of $140m and continues to rise. It’s surely only a matter of time before Tom Holland’s Nate and Mark Wahlberg’s Sully, complete with moustache, return for a follow-up.

Speaking to GamesRadar+, Fleischer outlined why some video game movies have players (and audiences) switching off.

“So it doesn’t matter how much it looks like the video game. If the story at the center of it is not compelling and you’re not invested in the characters, then no matter how authentic it is, it doesn’t matter,” Fleischer said. “I was really focused on making sure that the movie could stand on its own two feet.”

He continued, “Whether you’re the biggest fan of Uncharted or you’ve never even heard of it, it has to be a compelling story with a great emotional center and a real relationship to invest in.”

If you’ve already seen Uncharted, then there’s more to discover: read our breakdowns of the Uncharted post-credits scenes, Uncharted ending, and all of the Uncharted Easter eggs found in the movie.

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