How to get into Uncharted The Lost Legacys White Monkey Temple

The Uncharted The Lost Legacy White Monkey Temple is a particularly special area in the Western Ghats hubworld, a focal point for a series of subquests and secret treasures that makes it very important to find for anybody playing through Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

The White Monkey Temple is essential for completionists, or just anybody looking for a little extra adventure as they battle their way through the game. For any treasure hunter worth their salt, they’ll need to find their way in and make the most out of its secrets. Read on to find out how to get into Uncharted The Lost Legacy’s White Monkey Temple.

Uncharted lost legacy white monkey temple

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This rather snazzy bracelet shown at the top of the page is the Queen’s Ruby, and it has quite the magical power. Any time you’re near a hidden treasure – one of the 68 lurking in nooks and crannies across the game – your controller will vibrate and emit a kind of shiny noise to alert you to its presence. It’s incredibly handy if you want to get all the goodies on your first playthrough without having to go out of your way to find them yourself. 

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Thankfully if it gets too annoying, or distracts from the game itself, you can turn off the Queen Ruby’s power in the pause menu, where you can also toggle the photo mode. 

But in order to get your hands on that shiny ruby, you’ll first need to find the White Monkey Temple. 

White Monkey Temple location

The White Monkey Temple is located in the north eastern part of the Western Ghats area that you’ll be driving through in Chapter 4 of The Lost Legacy. When you arrive, first head for the tall tower in the centre of the map, as it’ll allow you to get your bearings and mark key locations on your map to guide you through the next part.

When you get to the top of the tower, you’ll be presented with a set of wooden shutter-like doors that Chloe can push open to guide her to different areas of the map. To continue the story, you’ll need to complete the puzzles located within the forts marked with the symbols of the Hindu gods – Ganesh’s trident, the axe and the bow. But one of the doors in the tower is marked with a face surrounded by 10 other smaller faces, like this:

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Pushing that door will let Chloe see the far-off location of the White Monkey Temple, although she won’t know that yet. Instead, she marks its location on the map with a question mark. After that, it’s up to you to jump back in the jeep and make your way over there. 

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When you reach the White Monkey Temple you can just waltz right in, appreciate the cheeky little white monkeys themselves and then head inside to see the Queen’s Ruby locked away in a small cage with a map of the area behind it.

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How to get the Queen’s Ruby

In order to get the Ruby out of its cage, you’ll need to fill the holes on that big old map on the wall with 11 Hoysala Tokens, which are big golden coins hidden in Western Ghats. Once you collect the first one from the little room on the left that opens up after you’ve seen the ruby, the 10 other locations will be marked on your map with the same emblem that was on the door in the tower.

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Actually getting each token will require you to complete a puzzle, defeat some enemy soldiers or navigate your way across an assault course of sorts. 

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After you’ve got all 11 tokens jangling in your pocket, head back to the White Monkey Temple and feed them all into the map behind the ruby to earn your prize. 

You’ll also want to make your way through the newly opened door to the right and go meet the monkeys. You can’t pet them, sadly, but you can grab the three collectibles hidden in their inner sanctum. Take that, monkeys.

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