Undertales Toby Fox says development is “going well” on Deltarune Chapter 3

Undertale’s developer has said work on Deltarune is “going well.”

Taking to Twitter yesterday on May 17, famed Undertale developer Toby Fox shared a few snippets of concept art from his own hand. Commenting in a follow-up tweet, Fox said the “game development is going well,” and he’s recruiting “more and more people to help” work on the game.

By the way, the game development is going wellI’m getting more and more people to help recently, I have good feelings about itMay 17, 2022

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While Fox doesn’t overtly state what game he’s actually referring to here, it’s near-guaranteed to be Deltarune, the Undertale follow-up that saw its first release back in October 2018. The first chapter of Deltarune was offered as a free playable demo for everyone to enjoy, while Fox went to work on Deltarune Chapter 2, which launched nearly three years later in September 2021.

More recently, Fox has only provided sporadic development updates on the remaining chapters of Deltarune. Immediately following Deltarune’s Chapter 2 launch in September last year, Fox announced Chapters three, four, and five were all in the works, and would be a paid release at some point in the near future, whenever they eventually launch.

It’s worth remembering that Fox and company stealth-launched Deltarune Chapter 2 with no warning whatsoever back in September 2021. The Deltarune/Undertale Twitter account announced the imminent release, and then the second chapter was thrust into the world a day later after nearly three years work. If we’re looking at a similar amount of work for Deltarune’s Chapter 3, perhaps we shouldn’t expect the next part of the saga until 2024.

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