Veteran Archie Comics artist Dan Parent to appear on NBCs The Weakest Link

Archie Comics’ defacto flagship artist Dan Parent will be a contestant in an upcoming episode of NBC’s The Weakest Link hosted by Jane Lynch, and it’ll actually be a rare return – as he appeared on the show two decades ago and was told ‘goodbye’ by original host Anne Robinson.

“I’m not allowed to talk about the gameplay or outcome, but I can tell you it was a lot of fun,” Parent tells Newsarama. “When I brought up to the producers that I had been on 20 years ago, and that I worked on the Archie meets Glee (opens in new tab) comic featuring Jane Lynch, they found that interesting.”

Dan Parent at C2E2 2021

Dan Parent at C2E2 2021 (Image credit: Chris Arrant)

Parent not only appeared on the original US incarnation of The Weakest Link back in the early ’00s, but he also appeared on the other big TV gameshow Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, coming away with $4000 during ‘Celebrity Scoop Week’ in 2004.

The artist/writer will appear in an episode of NBC’s The Weakest Link in its second season, which is scheduled to begin airing on March 6.

Parent is currently in Alaska for February 19 and 20’s Alaska ComiCon, promoting the upcoming Kevin Keller Celebration!, a collection of stories for his breakout Archie character. Parent has been drawing and writing Archie Comics adventures since 1988, joining the company just months after graduating from the Kubert School. 

During his 34-year stint with Archie, he has drawn a number of the company’s biggest events such as including crossovers with Sharknado and the aforementioned Archie vs. Glee.

You can find Parent’s Archie (and non-Archie comics) at your local comic shop. 

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