Vikings: Valhalla writer reveals the one piece of advice given to him by the original show’s creator

Vikings: Valhalla creator and writer Jeb Stuart has shared the advice given to him by original series creator Michael Hirst.

In an interview with Polygon (opens in new tab), Stuart said that Hirst wanted Valhalla to feel nostalgic of the franchise’s entire period, which charts at least a century from the beginning of Vikings to the time of Valhalla.

“I [knew] what he meant immediately. The goal of the show is that, as we move from season to season, there’s parts of it we’re going to have to give up,” Stuart, who also wrote Die Hard, said.

“So my goal would be, at the very end, that you suddenly look back on this incredible period of time of both shows and say, ‘Wow, it was really good when they were just killing those Saxons. I miss the purity of that moment.’”

Nostalgia or otherwise, it’s not yet clear whether Vikings: Valhalla will be telling a long-term story in the vein of Vikings’ six seasons across The History Channel and Prime Video.

Vikings: Valhalla currently has plans for 24 episodes across three seasons, with the first season set to run for eight episodes.

That’s not all Netflix has in the pipeline. The streamer has recently announced 25 Korean movies and shows that are heading to the service in 2022. In the wake of Squid Game and Hellbound’s incredible success last year, Netflix will be betting big on one of them breaking out alongside the likes of Vikings: Valhalla.

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