War Mongrels is ready to take us on a brutal and authentic WW2 RTS adventure

War Mongrels is a brand new real-time strategy game for PC that allows players to experience the brutality of the Second World War. 

The latest title from developer Destructive Creations, War Mongrels is an isometric real-time tactics game that sees you play as a group of fugitives after they defect from the Third Reich. They must sneak through war-torn territories as they try to survive. 

The game is as much about getting to know the squad as it is about maneuvering them. Each one has their own skills, personality, and backstory to discover, which will help you work out how best to utilize each one as you move through various dangerous situations. 

Moving through enemy lines, guard barracks, prison blocks, and even concentration camps will require careful planning, making sure to take advantage of distractions like music boxes to give you a window to escape. That, combined with being able to pause the game to assess your options before issuing individual commands to your squad, make up the game’s self-proclaimed ‘harrowing’ campaign.

When you do feel the need – or get caught off-guard – you can switch to twin-stick shooter controls to really immerse yourself in the battlefield, for a fresh take on RTS gameplay.

There’s even an online co-op mode if you fancy it, because surviving WW2 is always better with a companion.

The stealthy, strategic gameplay is also complemented by animal cutscenes to tell War Mongrels’ story, which draws from real-world accounts of WW2 survivors and historians. Even the terrain draws on the real-world battlefields and locations soldiers would have experienced at the time, and every element of the game has been verified by history consultants to give it that extra seal of authenticity. 

War Mongrels is available now on PC via Steam (opens in new tab) and Epic Games (opens in new tab), with a console version in the works too.

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