Watch a Skyrim VR player play the worlds weirdest game of golf

Skyrim VR mods let you play a pretty bizarre game of golf.

Battling monsters, chatting with townsfolk and completing quests in Skyrim’s vast open-world is all well and good, but adventurers need some downtime too. One player of Skyrim’s VR version decided to take some time out to enjoy a game of golf. But equipment like golf balls and clubs can be difficult to come by in Tamriel, so they’ve had to improvise.

CaliWuv posted their twist on the popular sport on the Skyrim subreddit (opens in new tab). As the footage shows, instead of the traditional club, they’ve opted for a spade, and the ball is replaced with the body of some poor soul they’ve probably just killed. Carefully lining up their stroke, shoulders squared, the player takes a mighty swing, sending the hapless individual flying across the map.

You can judge their golfing skills for yourself in the video below.

did_some_golfing_back_out_in_the_rim_hows_my_form from r/skyrim

Reddit users were quick to weigh in on the Skyrim player’s form. TyrrTheWook commented, “I’m giving you a one stroke penalty for tapping the ‘ball’ when adjusting your stroke.” While it was all about the attention to detail for TheMaveCan, who said, “The hand blocking the sun takes the cake”.

CaliWuv used Skyrim VR mods to create this memorable golfing moment. If you’re keen to take up the pastime, the mods you’ll need are VRIK (opens in new tab) and HIGGS (opens in new tab). Available via NexusMods, the former displays your character’s body while the latter lets you grab the ‘golf club’.

Skyrim VR has many other mods, including one that adds realistic dog petting.

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