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If you want to know what’s in the Weird West Heathen’s Box and if you should open it, then gather round. Because we’re literally going to let what’s in box… out of the box. There’s a short and a long answer overall depending on what you do, because it can all be over in seconds if you lift the lid. While the more extended option will see you carrying the box through almost the entire game and passing it from character to character along the way. So, if you want to know if you should open the Weird West Heathen’s Box, and how it all plays out, we can explain it all. 

We’ve also got some Weird West tips if you need general help and where to find Mayor Week’s basement in Weird West, when you get to it. 

The Weird West Heathen’s Box explained

weird west heathen box

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You’ll get the Weird West Heathen’s Box during a random encounter called A Witch at the Crossroads. This will interrupt you as you travel across the map and introduce you to a Heathen. After some dialogue, she’ll give you a box and tell you not to open it, saying she’ll ask for it back later down the line. 

And that will be that for a while…

To ‘complete’ the box’s challenge you’ll have keep the box on you, unopened for most of the game. It’ll pass from character to character, largely doing little except taking up an inventory spot. Eventually, while playing as the final character Constance the Oneirist, you should get another A Witch at the Crossroads event where the Heathen will turn up and take the box back but only if you haven’t opened it. That will then trigger a ‘What’s in the Box?’ trophy or achievement. 

There does however seem to be some uncertainty about a slapping contest that some players think you need to win to trigger the final Heathen encounter, so let’s detail that quickly just in case:  

  1. While playing as Desidério Ríos the werewolf you should encounter the Heathen again and get challenged to a slapping contest. You can’t actually win this but do it anyway. 
  2. Once you’re playing as Constance the Oneirist you should come across an area called the Authority’s Quarters in Somnolence. Explore here and you should be able to find the Amulet of the Open Palm. 
  3. When you trigger another meeting with the Heathen as Constance  (which should happen as you travel around) you’ll be challenged to another slapping match which, if you equip the Open Palm amulet, you should be able to win this time. 
  4. Once you’ve won the contest you should then encounter the Heathen once more, where she’ll finally ask for the box back. 

The slapping contest doesn’t really seem directly related to the box, apart from involving the Heathen. However, there seems to be some discussion about it being required to finish this ‘mission’ and claim the achievement or trophy. For that reason, if you’re after the trophy it might be safest to do it.

What’s in the Weird West Heathen’s Box and should you open it?

weird west heathen box

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Short answer: nothing. The only purpose of it existing is to test your resolve. Open the Weird West Heathen’s Box and you’ll find it empty, lose your chance to earn the trophy and that will be that. You’ll get the inventory slot back at least, but otherwise it’s just a big ol’ waste of time depending on how you feel about 100%-ing all the achievements in the game.   

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