Why you should play… Fallout 4

Ever wondered what’s so great about the Fallout games? Or did you play it a while ago and bounce off it? We’ve decided to revisit some classic games like Fallout 4 with a super fan guiding a colleague through the game while explaining what is so great about it. 

This week Tom and Leon are playing Fallout 4, the 2015 action role-playing game developed by Bethesda.

When we reviewed Fallout 4 we said it’s “A huge game that’s anything you want it to be. An immense RPG, shooter, and world to explore that is only constrained by your imagination and desire to explore.”

This openness is precisely what Leon loved about the game and what Tom bounced off originally. So this time Leon is going to give Tom a few pointers to get him started and help him explore this huge world where anything can happen, even a mutant running at you with a nuclear bomb.

If there is a classic game you want us to go back and play let us know in the comments.

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