Will there be another Xbox Series X restock before Christmas?

Many are holding out hope for another Xbox Series X restock before Christmas, eager to get Microsoft’s latest console under the tree. You’ll need to be hot on retailers over the next two days, though. Taking holiday shipping deadlines into account, this is the last week you can pretty much guarantee your console will arrive before the big day. 

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. First up you’ll need to find out where to find an Xbox Series X restock before Christmas. No retailers have publicly announced any restocks for this week, though it’s worth noting that we could still see some surprise Xbox Series X stock drops before the weekend rolls around. 

Target (opens in new tab) launched its own Xbox Series X restock today, with rumors pointing to a larger online event taking place ahead of the holiday season. We could see more shockwaves running over the next couple of hours as more units become available, though, so we’d recommend staying in touch with this retailer. 

Walmart (opens in new tab) should be your next point of call. While it’s been a little more active in topping up supplies over the last few weeks, we’re also seeing All Access availability for those who would like to pay in instalments. However, this will require opening a line of credit. 

GameStop (opens in new tab) is another retailer we’d be watching over the next couple of days. Things have been a little quiet here in recent days, which could mean the retailer has been stockpiling units for one final dash before the holidays. GameStop tends to offer up its Xbox Series X restocks in bundles, which does see them hang around on the shelves a little better as well. 

Amazon (opens in new tab) is notoriously tricky for timing Xbox Series X restocks. The online giant does what it pleases, and offers new stock with no warning. That means we’d be checking in regularly here, just in case you stumble upon some gold. 

Where to look for an Xbox Series X restock before Christmas

Xbox Series X restocks: our top tips

We’ve been tracking Xbox Series X restocks for a while now, which means we’ve picked up some tricks along the way. You’ll find our top tips for making the most of each stock drop just below.

1. Sign in and save your details
This is the one that catches the most people out. Create an account with each retailer and sign in ahead of time, adding your payment and shipping information. Seconds count when the clock is ticking, and that clock is never faster than when there’s a console sitting in your cart. Avoid spending too long at checkout to make sure you don’t have your goods sniped away at the last moment. 

2. Stay in touch with retailers and trackers
Retailers and trackers will let you know about upcoming Xbox Series X restock opportunities on social media. This is the fastest way to land on the right website at the right time, so be sure to stay active and keep checking back over time.

3. Keep refreshing
If you do catch a live one, you’ll need to fight to reel it in. Keep refreshing the page if you initially land on an out of stock message, open up multiple tabs if the website is crashing, and keep forcing your way through to checkout. It can be a gruelling process, but it’s often a successful one.

4. Don’t give up
Don’t take the desperate move of paying over MSRP via a reseller. Xbox Series X restocks are still far too regular to warrant buying a console from a scalper, and the internet is filled with untrustworthy sources – it’s just not worth it. 

Check for Xbox Series X stock today

The Xbox Series X is one of the ultimate gifts for gamers this holiday season, but if you’re scouring the Christmas sales for more presents it’s worth checking out our guide to the best Xbox gifts on the market right now as well. 

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