With Bayonetta 3 a no-show at Nintendo Direct, some fans are worried it wont release in 2022

With Bayonetta 3 a no-show at Nintendo Direct, some fans are wondering if the game’s launch will be pushed to next year. 

Today’s Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase (opens in new tab) treated us to a look at lots of third-party titles coming to Switch later this year. But Bayonetta 3, which is due to release before the end of 2022, was notably absent. 

Following today’s event, Reddit user calidgii revealed on the Bayonetta subreddit (opens in new tab) that the third instalment in PlatinumGames’ popular action series is now the only game in Nintendo’s 2022 release schedule to not yet have a release date. Given the silence surrounding a release and its continued absence at Nintendo events, some fans think a delay is now inevitable.

“There’s no way it’s releasing this year,” writes user SilverSpireZ. “I was holding out hope, but not showing up in the Direct mini even though Mario + Rabbids was there with a release date pretty much killed it for me. If there was any time to reveal a date, it was today.” User GypsyTony416ix says what many Bayonetta fans are probably thinking, given the agonizingly long wait. “Such a bummer for us Bayonetta fans, I wish I could erase my memory of this game and then stumble upon it when it releases.” 

But some fans are choosing to remain optimistic for the time being, including TurtlesAndMustard, who wrote, “I’m giving it till September before I start to doubt its 2022 release” The equally hopeful GypsyTony416ix agreed, replying, “I wouldn’t give up on the game just yet, Bayonetta 3 could possibly have its very own direct in the near future, give it a few months.”

Bayonetta 3 may have been a no-show, but there were still plenty of exciting announcements from today’s Nintendo Direct, including a Persona 5 Switch port and an October release date for Nier: Automata. Additionally, it was revealed that Return to Monkey Island will be a Switch console launch exclusive, and a new trailer for Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope showed turn-based combat, Bowser, and an official release date. 

Take a look at our Bayonetta 3 guide for everything we currently know about the long-awaited Switch exclusive.

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