Wordle for video games is already here, and its called High Score Day

High Score Day is a new initiative that’s basically Wordle for video games.

High Score Day is available right now through your browser, and you can reach it by heading over to highscoreday.com (opens in new tab). Every day, users are presented with screenshots of five different games and have to guess which game each screenshot belongs to.

High Score Day

(Image credit: High Score Day)

For every game you correctly identify through a screenshot, you’ll gain a life. If you fail to guess a video game or simply make the wrong guess, you’ll have one life deducted. High Score Day gives users five new games to identify each and every day, so there are always going to be brand new games to guess no matter how many consecutive days you’ve played.

This is just the latest in a very long line of trends to pick up after the success of Wordle over the last few months. We’ve already seen the likes of Heardle (opens in new tab), for example, where users have to try and correctly identify a song from a specific artist after listening to just the opening few seconds of a track. There’s also a Wordle for movie fans called Framed, which is remarkably similar to High Score Day except it uses film stills. 

A Wordle for games is absolutely welcome, though. The opening salvo of games to guess today, April 5, is a challenging bunch, varying wildly between modern AAA titles and weird 90s horror games. If this first round is anything to go by, High Score Day should be an absolute treat to take part in over the coming weeks and months.

Check out our Wordle today answer guide if you’re struggling to identify today’s word.

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