WWE 2K22 tips with seven things to know before you play

Need some WWE 2K22 tips before leaping into the series’ first entry in more than two years? You’ve landed in the right place. From the basics of WWE 2K22 combos and grappling, to wrestler ratings and MyGM and MyFaction hints, everything you need to know is covered below. You’ll even learn how to add legends missing from the WWE 2K22 roster, such as Kurt Angle and Sting. Let’s ring the bell and hit your WWE 2K22 tips rundown…

1. Combos and grapples are the new foundation

WWE 2K22

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Yes, we have kicked this piece off with an Owen Hart-Jim Neidhart pun. 2K’s marketing proclaims that ‘it hits different’, and the publisher is telling the truth. WWE 2K22 is heavily combo based, with square used to initiate contact via a light strike, before branching into Heavy Attacks using X, or Grabs with O. The fourth and final hit is called a Combo Ender and deals bonus damage.

[All controls pertain to PlayStation, but follow the same format on Xbox.]

Opponents can break your combo by matching your button press, so it’s important to mix up your approach throughout any match rather than just tap square, square, square, square until your thumb blisters up.

Grapples are your other key in-ring tactic. Press circle to lock up with your opponent, then square or X to launch a grapple attack. As with previous editions in the series, holding the left stick in a particular direction while pressing a button actions a specific move. You can also Irish whip your foe by pressing circle after locking up..

2. Exercise caution before purchasing the SuperCharger

WWE 2K22

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Unlocking everything without any grind is a godsend in the WWE series, which is why the Accelerator is always must-own DLC. This year it’s renamed the SuperCharger, but take note of one vital aspect before you drop cash on it: items from Rey Mysterio’s Showcase do not get unlocked by it.

That means you still need to play through the mode in order to unlock all versions of Mysterio, certain characters like JBL, Batista, Eddie Guerrero, and Rey’s son Dominik, arenas such as WrestleMania 21, and belts like the World Heavyweight Championship. There are only 12 matches lasting a couple of hours, but it’s something to bear in mind as you weigh up DLC options.

3. Each MyGM Manager has a unique power card

WWE 2K22

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As mentioned in our WWE 2K22 review, the return of GM Mode – now rechristened MyGM – is a touch underwhelming, but you still need to give it a try. Note that it only lasts a single season, so for maximum longevity select ’50 weeks’ from the start-up ‘session settings’ menu. It’s also important to get your onscreen avatar right, as each has a power card which can come in useful as you progress. These are the six choices, and their individual boon:

  • Adam Pearce: Instigator (Increases the levels of all active rivalries by one)
  • Sonya Deville: A Superstar’s GM (Raise the entire roster’s morale by +15)
  • William Regal: Legend Whisperer (The first legend you sign after playing this card will be free)
  • Shane McMahon: Coast To Coast (A GM interference provides an additional +2 Show bonus and is free for a week)
  • Stephanie McMahon: The McMahon Presence (Earn twice as much money from arena attendance for a week)
  • Custom Superstar: Beginner’s Luck (Raise the popularity of the least popular superstar on your roster by 20+)

4. Focus on Evolution cards in MyFaction

WWE 2K22

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New Ultimate Team style mode MyFaction is an addictive introduction to WWE 2K22, and will feel familiar to anyone who has played that element of FIFA 22, or card-based mobile offering WWE SuperCard. You build up two sets of four cards – one male, one female – by winning matches and completing objectives. The temptation is naturally to buy new packs every time you earn in-game currency, in the hope of finding the best cards. But there’s a better way to approach your ascent to the top.

The method is to focus on Evolution cards. You’re best off deploying any in your arsenal as soon as you unearth them, as they upgrade automatically through sustained play. For instance, my starter pack granted me Bayley and Rey Mysterio in this flavor, so I’ve been using them constantly, with Rey scoring his first upgrade after landing 20 diving attacks, 25 reversals, and 65 running attacks.

Those who’ve pre-ordered the game are in for a special treat in this department. Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Syxx and three versions of Undertaker can all be gradually upgraded in the same way.

5. Community Creations help flesh out your roster

WWE 2K22

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Are you an old-school wrestling fan sad to see your favorite legend left off the WWE 2K22 roster? Or a modern day addict gutted that Omos and Ronda Rousey miss out? Help is at hand, as one of the series’ most important features returns: Community Creations.

For the uninitiated, this area of the game enables you to download wrestlers made by fellow fans, and we have a comprehensive guide coming your way later in March. For now the top three creations I’ve found are Kurt Angle by GRMNQuality, Sting by MBDC, and Tommy End, AKA Aleister Black, by GeKoDoesCaws.

To find them, select Online > Community Creations > Downloads > Superstar, then hit triangle to search by creator.

6. These are the top WWE 2K22 ratings in the male division…

WWE 2K22

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Want to win matches straight off the bat? It mightn’t be the most honorable route, but picking one of the game’s best wrestlers is the way to go. These are the 14 highest rated male wrestlers in WWE 2K22.

1. Roman Reigns 95
2. Brock Lesnar 94
3=. The Rock 93
3=. Undertaker (Ministry of Darkness) 93
5=. Hollywood Hogan 92
5=. John Cena 92
5=. Steve Austin 92
8=. AJ Styles 91
8=.Bobby Lashley 91
8=. Bret Hart 91
8=. Drew McIntryre 91
8=. Edge 91
8=. Seth Rollins 91
8=. Triple H 91

7. … And here are the top 12 WWE 2K22 female ratings

WWE 2K22

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Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Bayley have revolutionised female wrestling in recent years, and all three are a ton of fun to play as in WWE 2K22. Here’s where they rank in the game’s all-lady top 12.

1. Becky Lynch 92
2=. Asuka 90
2=. Charlotte Flair 90
4=. Bayley 88
4=. Sasha Banks 88
4=. Trish Stratus 88
7=. Beth Phoenix 87
7=. Chyna 87
9. Rhea Ripley 86
10=. Alexa Bliss 84
10=. Natalya 84
10=. Shayna Baszler 84

Want to know who else makes this year’s game? Then leap on over to our WWE 2K22 roster guide.

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