You can emote with your Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and it’s adorable

Pokemon Legends: Arceus lets you emote with Pokemon, and it’s absurdly adorable.

Launched back in January, Pokemon Legends: Arceus refreshed the series’ well-worn formula with an exciting open-world setting and intuitive Pokedex challenges. As well as providing a more immersive gameplay experience, Pokemon Legends: Arceus really comes to life thanks to the colourfully animated Pokemon that are bursting with personality. And as one fan recently discovered, you can even interact with them in the most adorable way.

Reddit user dannydam707 posted a video on the game’s subreddit (opens in new tab) which shows them communicating with their Pokemon pal using emotes, and as you can see from the footage below, the result is a total cuteness overload.

just_found_out_you_can_emote_to_your_pok%C3%A9mon from r/PokemonLegendsArceus

You can emote using the A, Y and B buttons, and your Pokemon will react in kind. Use A to nod, B to shake your head and Y to give them an encouraging cheer.

Despite the game being out for some time, many players are seemingly unaware of this heart-warming addition. “It’s the little things that count! I had no idea this was a thing!” writes Whatshtisname, and user Sans-Undertale-69420 shares their enthusiasm, saying, “WHAT! I have to do that right now!”

While the emote list is small, it’s nonetheless a meaningful addition that adds a tone of character to the game and a smile to your face.

In other Pokemon news, the first episode of the Pokemon Legends Arceus anime arrives on YouTube tomorrow.

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