You can get a replica of Ellie’s guitar from The Last of Us 2 for just over £2,000

Dedicated The Last of Us 2 fans can now get their hands on a replica of Ellie’s guitar, and it’ll only cost them… just over £2000. 

Announced as part of the Outbreak Day celebrations yesterday, the replica guitar is available via the European PlayStation gear store (opens in new tab) as a pre-order and is due to release very early next year. The Taylor brand guitar sports the now-iconic moth design on its third fret and the same colors as the guitar Joel gifts Ellie at the start of The Last of Us 2. 

Unsurprisingly, due to the collectible nature of this guitar, as well as it also being a fully functional musical instrument – this prop replica isn’t cheap. It is currently selling for £2,060 and we can only imagine that this will jump up once the official store sells out. Also being sold is a The Last of Us 2 inspired mini Taylor guitar, which features Ellie’s moth tattoo design displayed across the body of the guitar. Thankfully, this one is a little less expensive coming in at £630.

If both of these are out of your price range, you’ll be glad to hear that the same store is also selling some guitar accessories including The Last of Us 2 themed guitar straps, one in leather for £150 and another in cotton for £25. Most affordable though is a range of The Last of Us 2 inspired guitar picks for £12, which as you’d expect both feature the same moth detail. 

In other recent The Last of Us news, the game’s developer Naughty Dog has confirmed that the multiplayer spin-off game The Last of Us: Factions is still in development. However, it’s expected we won’t hear much about it for a while as the studio is still hiring for a number of multiplayer-related roles.  

Still waiting for the live-action The Last of Us TV show? Also in celebration of The Last of Us day, we got our first look at Joel and Ellie.  

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