YouTuber completes Elden Ring in one four-day streaming marathon

YouTube streamer Ludwig Ahgren has finally conquered Elden Ring after four days of nonstop streaming.

The streamer initially set a goal of staying live on YouTube until he completed the game. The latest Soulslike is absolutely massive, so completing it in just four days can be something of a monumental task. 

Ludwig slayed the game’s final boss as of February 28, after which he could witness the ending of his playthrough. Since beginning the game on February 24, he died 701 games and attracted an average of around 17,000 viewers each day he continued his journey. On the final day, he pulled over 19,000 viewers hungry to see him become the Elden Lord – or at least to see the game’s credits. 

While Ludwig completed Elden Ring’s main storyline, he was far from seeing everything the game has to offer organically. After finishing up, he kicked back and hung out with viewers to watch the alternate game endings and shoot the breeze. Now, he has plenty to go back and unearth if he chooses to.

Elden Ring has remained a favorite for users across both Twitch and YouTube. Its austere difficulty makes for entertaining viewing, especially with its bizarre, sometimes ghoulish enemies, and compelling narrative. It’s also a game that rewards exploration, so there’s plenty to discover whether you play or watch another player take it on. 

George R. R. Martin, who assisted in creating the “mythos” for Elden Ring, recently attributed “almost all the credit” for the game’s success to Miyazaki and the rest of the team. Since launch, the game has maintained “universal acclaim” with a Metacritic score of 97. 

Check out our full Elden Ring review for what we thought about FromSoftware’s latest effort. 

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