A new Xbox exclusive could be on the way from The Banner Saga devs

The Banner Saga developer Stoic Studios is reportedly working on an Xbox exclusive.

The new details emerged primarily from journalist Jeff Grubb’s show on GiantBomb (opens in new tab), where the reporter claimed knowledge of a new Xbox exclusive in development from The Banner Saga dev Stoic Studios. This was then largely corroborated by a following report from Windows Central (opens in new tab), which also claimed knowledge of the new project.

What’s emerged from the two reports are claims of “side-scrolling brawling combat” in the new Xbox exclusive, allegedly similar in style to that of Dragon’s Crown. Additionally, Grubb in particular claims that the art style of Stoic’s new exclusive carries similarities to Studio Ghibli classic Princess Mononoke.

The game is currently going by the name of “Project Belfry” according to the two reports, and this will allegedly function as “some sort of base for crafting and upgrades.” While the Windows Central report claimed past knowledge of an Xbox exclusive in development at Stoic Studios, it wasn’t until the new claims from Grubb that a clearer picture began to emerge.

While you wait for Project Belfry to materialize though, you’ll want to go and play all three games in The Banner Saga. Stoic’s trilogy is an astounding epic adventure, featuring tactical turn-based combat and decision-making that’ll make you fret over the consequences of your every move. While The Banner Saga was previously available on Xbox Game Pass, it’s unfortunately now been taken off the subscription service, but it’s still well worth picking up.

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