Elden Ring Rainbow Stones mean you need never die to fall damage again

Elden Ring players are using Rainbow Stones to see whether or not they’d survive falling from a height. 

As shared in the Elden Ring subreddit (opens in new tab), one player has discovered that you can use the consumable item Rainbow Stones to test fall damage. This is apparently mentioned in the item’s description, but as many joked in the comments of the post, some Elden Ring players didn’t notice this.  

In the clip, a player throws a Rainbow Stone off the edge of a very tall wall which shatters when it reaches the ground. The outcome prompts them to hop down to a slightly lower height and do the same thing again. This time, the stone doesn’t break, indicating that the player would survive jumping from this height, which they then pull off successfully. 

use_these_colorful_stones_to_test_fall_damage from r/Eldenring

As pointed out in the comments of the post, the Elden Ring Rainbow Stones work very similarly to Prism Stones from Dark Souls 3. One key difference between the two though is that Prism Stones would let out an ungodly scream once they hit the ground and shattered, as demonstrated in this video (opens in new tab). Thankfully, this doesn’t seem to be the case in Elden Ring. 

Despite Elden Ring only releasing a few days ago, some players have been racing through, including one streamer who managed to complete the entire game in a four-day-long marathon. If this doesn’t sound intense enough, we also recently found out about another streamer who gave themselves an extra challenge – promising to study for 10 hours each time they died in Dark Souls 3. As if the Souls games weren’t punishing enough. 

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