A Walmart Xbox Series X restock is coming tomorrow – heres how to get in position

Walmart Plus

Walmart Plus (opens in new tab) is the only way to get access to tomorrow’s Xbox Series X restock. This makes it worthy of a spin for those still chasing Xbox Series X stock this year. At $13 a month, it’s not bad value, given its other benefits, but it’ll surely have paid for itself if it bags you the console. You can also go for the 15-day free trial (opens in new tab) to test it out first but remember: trial users won’t be able to gain early access to this PS5 restock.

Xbox Series X restocks weren’t looking too great this February, with only one retailer coming up with the goods all month. However, if you’re still in the market for an Xbox Series X, Walmart is expected to have a restock tomorrow, 24th February, at 12pm ET – but it’s only for Walmart Plus members (opens in new tab)

Walmart announced this official Xbox Series X restock, so this isn’t speculation, but you will need to have a paid membership to their plus program to take advantage of the restock; a free trial won’t cut it. Since January, Walmart has not had a restock, only having Xbox Series X for their all-access program, which is a monthly payment of $34.99 a month (over two years). Best Buy (opens in new tab) had a restock just yesterday, February 22, which saw stock fly off the shelves as soon as it was available. But, like Walmart, Best Buy also reserved this restock behind a subscription in the form of its Totaltech membership (which comes in at $199.99 per year). 

Elsewhere, Gamestop (opens in new tab) also has a restock on 21nd February. Last week we saw the retailer hint at and then deliver on a restock, but this, too, was for subscribers only; time to GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards Pro scheme. This seems to be a trend with many retailers that are having restocks. At this point, we can’t not recommend having a membership as this appears to be the only way to get your hands on a console.

It’s still possible to get an Xbox Series X at Target (opens in new tab), too, as many buyers have seen success purchasing them in-store. However, there has been no word about a possible online restock. Their last restock was on February 10, and this was both online and in-store. If you’re still searching for a possible console, do check your local Target, as you never know what they have in store.

Lastly, Amazon (opens in new tab) restocks are still pending but are always worth a check and having a page open. However, given the above pattern If you’re hoping to cop one from Amazon, getting a Prime Membership may be your only option. 

Tomorrow’s Xbox Series X restock at Walmart

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Xbox Series X | $499 at Walmart (opens in new tab)
Live tomorrow at 12pm ET / 7am PT – It’s easy to see why the Xbox Series X is so in-demand even a year on; it outputs up to 4K120 with incredible exclusive games (as well as Game Pass Ultimate). Be sure to be there in time to stand a chance of scoring one. 

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Previous Xbox Series X restocks 

Xbox Series X restock tips

1. Sign in early with payment information ready
We know that the Xbox Series X restock at Walmart today is happening at 4pm ET / 1pm PT. Log in early with your account information, billing address, and payment information ready to go. This avoids wasting those crucial seconds at checkout which could mean going home empty-handed. 

2. Don’t panic – there may be more restocks on the way
We usually see Xbox Series X restocks happening at least once a week any given week, though it could be a little more common over the Winter sales events. If you’re unsuccessful today, you should be able to try again sooner rather than later.   

3. Aim for bundles if they are available 
Due to just how competitive things can get, with thousands of people hoping to check out with the standalone console, we recommend aiming for a bundle featuring some of the best Xbox Series X accessories (opens in new tab) or best Xbox Series X games (opens in new tab) instead, as they tend to hang around longer. 

4. Don’t deal with scalpers / the reseller market 
We’ve touched upon this already, but if you don’t happen to score yourself the system today, then do not pay grossly over-the-odds just to get an Xbox Series X in time for Christmas. It’s a great console, but it’s not worth putting yourself out $900+ in some cases. 

Check for Xbox Series X stock today

If you manage to speed through checkout in tomorrow’s Xbox Series X restock, it’s well worth checking out all the latest Xbox Series X deals on gear. We’re rounding up the best Xbox Series X accessories and all the best Xbox Game Pass deals to get you started.

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