After featuring at the Nintendo Direct, upcoming indie Blanc has a lot of new fans

Blanc is a gorgeous indie that features a fawn and wolf pup exploring together in the snow. What else could you possibly want in a game? 

After appearing during the Nintendo Direct Mini earlier this week, the upcoming game has garnered a number of new fans which has prompted Blanc’s developers to thank everyone who has shown an interest in it. 

Posting to Twitter (opens in new tab), developer Casus Ludi shared: “The teams at Casus Ludi and Gearbox Publishing are thrilled with the enthusiasm you’ve shown since Blanc was unveiled. Our two furry heroes are also very happy with the attention they’ve been getting and can’t wait for you to come frolic in the snow with them.” The post continues: “For now, we will go back to work, but stay tuned as we will be sure to share more along the way!”

A heartfelt thank you from the team at @CasusLudi. 🤍 30, 2022

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In case you missed it, Blanc is due to release in February 2023 on both PC and as a console exclusive on Nintendo Switch. The beautiful game is a completely text-free story that sees the unlikely pairing work together to find their ways back home to their families. Blanc will have both local and online co-op, so similar to games like Unravel 2 or Never Alone, players will be able to work together to get these two baby animals home. 

Also similar to the two games mentioned above, Blanc has promised to be an “emotional adventure” so be sure to prepare yourself to get very easily attached and most probably heartbroken by our two furry protagonists. 

If you’re interested in Blanc, we suggest wishlisting the game on Steam (opens in new tab) or the Nintendo eShop (opens in new tab). You can also follow the official Blanc Twitter account (opens in new tab) and visit the game’s website (opens in new tab) to stay up to date with the latest ahead of that highly-anticipated February 2023 release date. 

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