New Star Wars footage shows Ahsoka training Sabine Wren

New Ahsoka footage has showcased Ahsoka Tano helping Sabine Wren with her lightsaber skills. 

In the teaser, which you can watch below, Ahsoka can be seen fighting Sabine with wooden sticks, while Sabine’s eyes are covered by a helmet. It’s an echo of Sabine’s Darksaber training in Star Wars Rebels, when Kanan Jarrus helped her master the weapon (Sabine herself is not Force-sensitive). 

Plus, we also see Sabine putting her lessons to good use in a battle with new villain Shin Hati – and Sabine is wielding Ezra Bridger‘s lightsaber, no less. 

A new threat will emerge. A new hero will rise.Experience the two-episode premiere of @AhsokaOfficial, a Star Wars Original series, streaming August 23 on @DisneyPlus. 11, 2023

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We learned Ahsoka would be training Sabine in a recent trailer for the show, which also name-dropped Anakin Skywalker twice and featured a spine-chilling Darth Vader Easter egg. Star Wars seemingly let slip that Skyguy would be returning in the upcoming show, but it’s still not officially confirmed if we’ll see Hayden Christensen back as his character again (though, if  he does return, Star Wars fans have thoughts on how an Ahsoka and Anakin reunion should go). 

“I think there’s a deep level of respect that Sabine has for Ahsoka, as someone to learn from,” live-action Sabine actor Natasha Liu Bordizzo told our sister publication SFX magazine. “In the show they’ve been through a lot in the time that has passed, some of which we know about, some of which we don’t. Their quests kind of end up overlapping, bringing them back together, and there’s tension and there’s things they’ve been through that they need to work out. Their reunion’s interesting!”

Ahsoka arrives on Disney Plus in a double season premiere this August 23. In the meantime, get ready with our guides on the mystical World Between Worlds and everything you need to know about Rebels to understand the new show. 

You can also squeeze in some recommended viewing with our roundup of what to watch before Ahsoka and how to watch The Clone Wars in order


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