Aka is an adorable red panda adventure, created by former Dreamworks animator

Aka sees you play as a red panda living its best life.

Cosmic Gatto has just announced Aka, and it’s possibly the cutest game on the release calendar. This indie adventure stars a red panda who, as a retired soldier, has decided to settle on a small island after the end of the war. The game’s fluffy red protagonist and vibrant isometric visuals give us serious Tunic (opens in new tab) vibes, but you won’t find challenging combat and deadly dungeons here. Instead, Aka is all about relaxation and finding “inner peace”.

Described by its developer as a “small open-world”, Aka is a non-linear adventure that gives you the freedom to do what you like. You can help out the island’s inhabitants, make peace with the past by putting troubled spirits to rest, or simply grow vegetables in the back garden and do a spot of DIY. Of course, if all of that sounds like too much effort, you can just soak in a hot bath and then take a nap on a giant Capybara instead. 

The reveal trailer showcases Pine Tree Island, which is just one of many islands our panda friend can explore. Each island will have its own distinct style, from snow-covered mountains to dreamy tropical forests.

Cosmic Gatto is a former DreamWorks animator and promises the game will be “a truly heartwarming adventure”. Aka is due to launch on Nintendo Switch and PC sometime in 2022.  

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