Alan Wake Remastered comparison shows off Xbox Series X visuals

A new Alan Wake Remastered comparison trailer shows the original game next to the upcoming new-gen version.

You can take a look at the comparisons yourself in the video above. Initially, the most apparent change stems from the environments. The remastered version of Bright Falls is more colourful and detailed, with far more fidelity than the original console version, and better, more varied lighting. Later on, however, as the trailer shows off the enhanced cutscenes, we also get a look at vastly improved character models, including Alan Wake himself, his wife Alice, and retired metalhead Odin Anderson.

Over on the Alan Wake website (opens in new tab), you can check out some of those comparison shots yourself, with a helpful slider to make it even easier to check out the remastered visuals right alongside the original images. Particularly interesting are the apparent changes to the HUD – Alan’s health bar takes up significantly less space in the corner of the screen, and several of the mission descriptors are entirely absent. The six comparison shots are also excellent at showing off just how much extra detail is on offer in the updated version of the game.

The trailer above shows off Alan Wake Remastered as it’ll appear on Xbox Series X, but the game is also heading to PC, and, for the first time, PlayStation consoles via PS5 and PS4. Remedy announced its return to Bright Fall earlier this month, ahead of a planned release on October 5.

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