Alan Wake TV show officially in the works with Walking Dead studio AMC

An Alan Wake TV show is officially in the works, developer Remedy has confirmed. 

In an anniversary video (opens in new tab) celebrating the series and giving fans updates on its highly anticipated sequel Alan Wake 2, creative director and writer Sam Lake also said: “We were, quite a while ago, talking about the Alan Wake TV show. Well, AMC, the wonderful, wonderful home for absolutely brilliant TV shows has bought the rights for Alan Wake.” Lake also revealed that Remedy has been collaborating with AMC to make the show happen. 

Unfortunately, there’s “nothing more to share at the moment” Lake added, but he did promise that: “We will certainly let you know when there is something to announce.” If you weren’t aware, AMC is responsible for the likes of The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and lots more. So it’s safe to say that the Alan Wake TV show is in good hands. 

As we’re sure you’re already well aware of by now, this isn’t the only video game film/TV adaptation currently in the works. Over the last year or so, we’ve been hearing about a number of upcoming projects including The Last Of Us TV show which is actively filming at the moment, as well as the recently announced American McGee’s Alice TV show adaptation and both a movie and TV adaptation of Hazelight’s It Takes Two

This wasn’t all that was announced during the Alan Wake celebration video either. Earlier on in the video, Lake also revealed that Alan Wake Remastered is officially coming to Nintendo Switch this Fall. This announcement wasn’t entirely a surprise as there have been rumors of the action-adventure game coming to the Nintendo handheld for a few months now.  

Wondering about all the other video game adaptations you may have missed? Take a look at our upcoming video game movies list to find out what else is coming our way soon. 

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