New Netflix series All of Us Are Dead is being called a “masterpiece” on par with Squid Game

First there was Squid Game, then Hellbound. 2022 has already seen Stay Close captivate viewers. How about one more? Netflix’s new horror series All of Us Are Dead has skyrocketed up the streaming charts and viewers can’t stop talking about the Korean “masterpiece”.

If you’re a zombie fan, you’re in for a treat. All of Us Are Dead revolves around students trapped in a high school and awaiting rescue from an onslaught of the shambling undead. On top of that, it’s got all the trappings of an angsty teen drama. What’s not to like?

“All of Us Are Dead is another masterpiece of a show that South Korea has created,” one viewer said (opens in new tab). “It blends drama, comedy, horror, thriller, and action all so well throughout the 12 episodes.”

It’s also been compared to 2021’s Netflix mega-hit Squid Game; Korea, it seems, is on a serious hot streak. “All of Us Are Dead is intense but so good,” a Netflix viewer remarked (opens in new tab). “If you liked Train to Busan, Squid Game, 28 Days Later, or any horror movies, you should watch it.”

Another added (opens in new tab), “All of Us Are Dead, Squid Game, and Sweet Home just proves that Netflix Korea is on a whole different level.”

In terms of the fear factor, All of Us Are Dead is also delivering. “I’m actually sweating tears from fear,” commented one on Twitter (opens in new tab). “I didn’t expect it to be *this* scary,” said another viewer, echoing the thoughts of many.

Praise flooded in elsewhere (opens in new tab): “I completed All of Us Are Dead in one day,” said one admirer. Another chimed in (opens in new tab) that they’d “been at the edge of my seat the whole time.”

Expectations, though, should maybe be tempted. Others have described it (opens in new tab) as “boring”, and another remarked (opens in new tab) it “should have been made into a movie.”

All of Us Are Dead is now streaming on Netflix. For more to add to your watchlist, here are the best Netflix shows currently available on the service.

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