Analyst claims PSVR 2 has been delayed to 2023

The PlayStation VR 2 might launch in 2023, if one experienced analyst is to be believed.

That analyst would be Ross Young, seen in the tweet just below, claiming that Sony has quietly delayed the PSVR 2 headset to launch at some point in 2023. It’s worth bearing in mind that Sony has never actually announced a launch window for the new VR headset, but while many expected it to launch this year, that might no longer be the case.

VR display shipments to rise >50% to >15M in 2022 despite delays to 2023 at Apple and Sony. Big jump forecasted in 2023. 11, 2022

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Earlier this year in February, a leaker claimed that the PSVR 2 headset was targeting a release for the start of 2023. This claim originated from a leaker who previously revealed Horizon: Call of the Mountain ahead of time, so there’s a record to back up the new claim, even if the claimed release date for the new headset by PlayStation is quite large.

However, some developers are actually already getting hands-on time with the PSVR 2. It turns out Sony quietly demoed the PSVR 2 at the Game Developers Conference behind closed doors last month in March, and developers who got to experience the showcase were impressed, with one former Left 4 Dead lead at Valve being particularly pleased with the demo.

Aside from this though, we’ve heard relatively little on the PSVR 2 over the last few months. While one leak claimed that a VR-dedicated showcase could be on the way from PlayStation, that’s yet to materialize. For everything you need to know about the PS5‘s new-gen VR headset, the latest issue of PLAY Magazine has got you covered. 

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