Andrew Garfield’s controversial movie that sparked walkouts is now streaming in the UK

Andrew Garfield’s controversial movie, Mainstream, is finally available to stream in the UK – two years after it caused walkouts at the Venice Film Festival.

Mainstream stars Garfield as Link, an unwitting viral sensation who befriends young filmmaker Frankie (Stranger Things’ Maya Hawke). The movie charts Link, Frankie, and friend Jake’s rise to overnight stardom – until Link takes things too far. It can now be streamed on Prime Video, a year after it was made available digitally in the US.

The movie has a series of uncomfortable scenes, including one faeces-filled moment and several other humiliating acts performed by Link. As per The Independent, the movie led some to walk out during its inaugural showing in Venice in 2020. The Hollywood Reporter also noted a “certain dismayed hostility” among the audience.

Garfield, best known for his turns in The Amazing Spider-Man and The Social Network, is no stranger when it comes to taking on more ‘out there’ roles. Alongside his best actor Oscar nominations for Hacksaw Ridge and Tick… Tick… Boom is a long list of character-driven performances, most recently opposite Jessica Chastain in The Eyes of Tammy Faye.

Walkouts, meanwhile, are seemingly back in vogue. Director David Cronenberg predicted his new body horror Crimes of the Future would be too much to stomach for some. According to Entertainment Weekly (opens in new tab), over a dozen members of the press walked out of their screening – but everyone stayed in their seats by the time Cannes rolled around.

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