Apex Legends new trailer showcases Newcastle and Storm Point update

The latest Apex Legends trailer lets you get acquainted with shield-specialist Newcastle.

The new season of Apex Legends is fast approaching, and Respawn has released a gameplay trailer giving us a sneak peek at what’s in store when Saviors finally drops. The footage shows the game’s newest hero Newcastle in action. The ‘Hero of Harris Valley’ looks set to be a solid addition to any team needing a good defence. Wielding a massive shield, he can protect comrades from a storm of bullets, helping them live to fight another day.

Along with the new Legend, the trailer also shows Storm Point’s massive map rework. We’re treated to high-octane firefights in and around the carcass of a giant sea monster as well as a look at the IMC Armories, cashes that provide handsome rewards for those seeking a challenge.

Additionally, the game’s ranked mode is getting a revamp. The trailer didn’t go into detail on what specifically is changing, but it does highlight the importance of working together. Lastly, the Saviors battle pass offers daily and weekly challenges with loot like legendary skins up for grabs.

Apex Legends: Season 13 launches on May 10. You can see everything being added to Respawn’s battle-royale blaster in the trailer below. 

Storm Point was designed with the future firmly in mind. Find out how Apex Legends Season 13 delivers on that forward-thinking by adding to the map, not taking away. And if you’re curious as to how many people play Alex Legends, wonder no more as we’ve got the answer.

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