How many people play Apex Legends?

The question of how many people play Apex Legends is asked a lot. Whether it’s for bragging rights from fans, or to diss by people who play something else, the numbers are important to some. When EA’s Titanfall themed battle royal launched it had a strong start with over 50 million players in less than a month, but how’s it all going now, a few years down the line? 

Apex Legends (opens in new tab) has continued to do extremely well since launch but what does that mean in terms of actual numbers? Well, we know from an EA financial report in August 2021 that Apex Legends averaged 13 million weekly active players during Season 9, which ran from May to August that year. The game apparently set a “set a new record for peak daily players across all seasons”. That include a record setting 300,000 players in a single day on Steam alone according to communications director Ryan Rigney: 

How many people play Apex Legends?

Apex Legends

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Currently the monthly player count is just below 120 million players, reaching the high 118 to 119 million players. That’s a slight drop from a 122 million peak at the end of last year. Despite that EA talked about a 30% increase year on year generally in its 2021 financials, so despite minor fluctuations in the shorter month to month window, there’s been a lot of growth overall for the free-to-play shooter. 

We also know, direct from Apex Legends itself, that April 2021 hit 100 million players. Although it’s not clear if that’s active or registered, with the latter being most likely.  

100 million strong, and we’re just getting started. Thank you, Legends! ❤️ 14, 2021

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While there isn’t much in the way of concrete numbers recently that’s probably because once you’ve reported peaks, you aren’t going to talk about lower numbers, even if they are still amazing. Apex is, by all accounts, doing well right now, even if EA isn’t day by daying the numbers. Way back at launch analyst Daniel Ahmad (opens in new tab) compared the numbers for Apex Legends versus Fortnite (opens in new tab) to illustrate just how quickly Apex Legends found a high count player base. 

Number of Apex Legends players after:8 hours – 1m1 day – 2.5m3 days – 10m1 week – 25m 4 weeks – 50m Number of Fortnite BR players after:2 weeks – 10m6 weeks – 20m11 weeks – 30m 16 weeks – 45mMarch 4, 2019

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If we’d seen decline after that impressive start then there wouldn’t be any numbers to talk about this year. So while we’ve not heard much since EAs 2021 financial reports, everything points to Apex Legends player count continuing to do well. 

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