Apex Legends Mad Maggie trailer reveals new character

Apex Legends has rolled out a brand new trailer for Mad Maggie, detailing the newcomer’s abilities and more.

Mad Maggie’s new trailer firstly reveals her Passive ability: Warlord’s Eye. Maggie can actually track enemies she’s injured through walls and cover, and also moves faster with a shotgun equipped. Next, her Riot Drill Tactical ability can burrow through cover like Gibraltar’s shield, an excellent ability that’ll surely shift the balance of power in Apex Legends.

Finally, Mad Maggie’s Ultimate ability is Wrecking Ball, a rolling ball of death that spews out small grenades at enemy players, and gives speed boosts to Maggie and her allies. All things considered, Mad Maggie is shaping up to be one of the more dominating Legends added to Respawn’s battle royale game since it first launched.

Additionally, Respawn revealed earlier this week that the returning Olympus map will see a slate of changes. As revealed over on the official Apex Legends website (opens in new tab), Olympus is actually getting bigger, and features brand new areas like the Phase Driver, which has an interactive terminal that players can use to gain loot at the risk of alerting nearby enemies.

There’s also Terminal, a brand new opening in the Phase Runner tube consisting of a large outdoor space, and Shifted Grounds is an entirely new region of Olympus located on the southern edge of the map. Finally, Season 12’s Olympus will add a tonne of new ziplines and other props around the map to alleviate choke points and better even-out the flow of battle.

There’s also the new limited-time mode called Control. This pits three teams of three players against one another, vying for control of a central area until one squad emerges victorious. This is, apparently, an effort from developer Respawn to carve out a more “casual” space in Apex Legends, as players can respawn freely.

For a better look at some of the additions with Season 12: Defiance, check out the graphic below. Additionally, we can see there’s a big Third Anniversary event for Apex Legends, as well as the Warriors and Unshackled events, which we can only assume will be dropping further on into the season.

We have big plans for you this season, legends. See what we have in store 👇 pic.twitter.com/CbvSv3nQn7February 2, 2022

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Finally, three Legends will be offered for free to all players over the next three weeks. All you’ll need to do is sign into Apex Legends to grab Octane, Wattson, and Valkyrie for free over the next respective three weeks, a pleasant surprise for anyone who’s new to the battle royale shooter.

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