Arctic Awakening is The Long Dark meets Firewatch and this new trailer makes it look incredible

Arctic Awakening is one of those games where you instantly know it’s going to hook you in. A touch of Firewatch and elements from The Long Dark are instantly clear, and then an adorable robot pops up and you’re sold. 

All of that is palpable in the new Arctic Awakening trailer that just debuted at the Future Games Show Powered by Mana

It showcases the very beginning of the game where our hero, Kai, and his therapy robot find themselves in a snowy wilderness after a plane crash. What should have been a routine supply drop to a small Alaskan town has gone very wrong.

While they manage to re-establish communication with their co-pilot, Donovan, he’s nowhere near where Kai and the robot have ended up post-crash. 

And of course, not all is quite what it seems. When exploration discoveries include a power station in the middle of nowhere and what seems to be a tower emitting EMP pulses, then there’s definitely something else going on.

It all seems linked to what caused your plane crash, so if you have any chance of being reunited with your co-pilot and getting home, you’ll need to uncover the secrets of this strange place. 

The game will feature plenty of choices that you’ll need to make, which will affect the relationships you build with both your robot pal and your co-pilot too.  

Arctic Awakening is due to launch sometime in 2023 on PC and consoles, so get this one on your Steam wishlist now (opens in new tab).

For more awesome games featured during today’s Future Games Show, check out our official steam page (opens in new tab).

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