Back 4 Blood roadmap includes offline mode and DLC

Back 4 Blood has released a roadmap that includes an oft-requested offline mode, along with DLC and new difficulty levels. Check out the roadmap below, and read on for more. 

Cleaners, the future is lookin’ bright! Here’s a roadmap of what’s to come for Fort Hope. #Back4Blood 8, 2021

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The official Back 4 Blood Twitter account shared the road map, which goes from November 2021 and extends into 2022. This November, expect quality of life improvements and major bug fixes, while December will bring one of the most highly requested features since Back 4 Blood’s launch: offline mode. 

You’ll be able to play solo offline matches to progress through the campaign sometime next month – but note that means you won’t be able to do split-screen co-op, just play solo offline. We knew back in June that Back 4 Blood wouldn’t have an offline mode at launch, but players were upset that the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead didn’t make offline play an option. It’s nice to see Turtle Rock has listened to feedback and added the mode – there’s no set date, but expect it sometime next month. 

December will also include new features like a Ridden practice area, a seasonal event for the holidays, a new card type, and all-new cards. Back 4 Blood will get a new difficulty setting, new player cards, new corruption cards, a new co-op horde mode, and more in 2022, as well as an annual expansion pass called Tunnels of Terror. The pass will include new cleaners, new Ridden, a new activity type, and exclusive skins. Turtle Rock is also promising two more expansions next year – which will be included in the pass – but haven’t dropped any details yet.

Back 4 Blood devs are working on a vote kick feature.

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