Marvels Time Variance Authority returns to comics for The Reckoning War in 2022

Fresh off their MCU debut in Disney Plus’ Loki, the Time Variance Authority will be a significant part of Marvel Comics’ early 2022 event The Reckoning War

The Reckoning War is a Marvel Comics crossover event revolving around Dan Slott’s current run on the ongoing Fantastic Four title, but has grown to include several one-shots and other characters such as She-Hulk, Uatu the Watcher, Jack of Hearts, a group of mysterious villains, and now the Time Variance Authority.

Long-time Marvel Comics readers (and specifically readers of Dan Slott’s stories), might treat the news of the Time Variance Authority’s involvement in The Reckoning War as a given, since the phrase ‘The Reckoning War’ was first spoken by a Time Variance Authority agent in 2005’s She-Hulk #2. 

She-Hulk #2 excerpt

She-Hulk #2 excerpt (Image credit: Juan Bobillo (Marvel Comics))

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In that issue, Agent Peace of the Time Variance Authority warned She-Hulk that at some point in the near future she would set off a chain of events that would result in “The Reckoning War”. It looks like the Time Variance Authority is coming back to say ‘I told you so,’ and then some.

The Reckoning War Alpha #1 primary cover

(Image credit: Carlos Pacheco (Marvel Comics))

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That being said, the Time Variance Authority’s appearances in comics are notoriously rare and usually surround special events, which The Reckoning War now seems to be one of.

Back in September, Newsarama broke the news that the MCU Time Variance Authority’s Miss Minutes would be making her comic book debut in the upcoming Timeless one-shot, which is acting as a sampler platter for Marvel’s 2022 events – including The Reckoning War.

The Reckoning War begins February 2, 2022 with Fantastic Four: The Reckoning War Alpha #1 (opens in new tab).

The Reckoning War could end up being on our list of the most impactful Marvel comic book events of all time. 

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